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Hello, my name is Raziel Warmonic.I mostly reblog/blog about: Metal Gear Solid, Legacy of Kain, League of Legends, Lolita, and cute clothes.

♦Age: 20
♦Status: Taken
♦Gender: Female
♦Work: ---

I'm going to try posting more pics of myself under this tag.

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for a birthday tea party <3

About Quiet’s abilities


The impact makes me think she is using stealth camo


The handcuffs make me think she can dematerialize


If she is using stealth, how can she get rid of the handcuffs like that?
In the other hand, if she can dematerialize, how did she physically fell and made that impact?

Maybe she can dematerialize AND become invisible, maintaining her matter.

Dammit, this Boss Battle is gonna be tough.